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Al Ain Oasis
A Garden Jewel

The Al Ain Oasis, a sprawling development in the verdant city of Al Ain, will be ICT’s fitting tribute to the birth place of the Late President HH Sheikh Zayed and the ancestral home of Abu Dhabi’s old families.

The strategic location opposite the famous Oasis within the heart of Al Ain will substantially complement Al Ain’s drive to become an attractive tourist destination. A hotel will be built within the development to cater to the growing influx of tourists and business visitors from within the emirates and other countries in the Gulf Region and abroad. The buildings will boast large terraces offering impressive panoramic views of the palm oases and lush gardens.

The Al Ain Oasis will be a picturesque development that will celebrate Al Ain’s traditional architecture and urban growth, giving Al Ain’s residents a lively city “center”, and tourists a rich experience of the area.

The mixed use development will also include residential and office units that will cater to inhabitants of the city. It will encompass plazas and streets lined with retail shops and art galleries, as well as outdoor terraces boasting cafes and restaurants and public gathering places. Traditional shops will serve the needs of tourists offering a wide selection of traditional crafts and gifts.

Every design aspect of the project has been carefully studied to integrate into Al Ain’s historical and cultural contexts as well as its traditional outdoor lifestyle. The nearby heritage museum provided inspiration to the traditional building character and detail.

A key architectural aim has been the harmonious integration between the Oasis and the urban structures. The plot’s proximity to the Oasis is respected and enhanced as the property echoes the Oasis’ historical and natural pathway and the natural irrigation channel or the “falaj”, giving way, through a majestic gate, to the inner path and its two intersecting plazas.

Great attention to outdoor landscaping, water features and shading solutions like pergolas and tents will offer cool respite from the sun and the warm desert breezes, while pedestrians will enjoy leisurely roaming in a vehicle-free environment in the shaded arcades. The strong design relationship between the internal area of the compound and the palm oasis outside offers a calming refuge while magnifying the city’s grace and beauty.

  Sustainability Facts
A variety of measures have been studied to reduce the use of energy intensive Air Conditioning systems in the compound:
Green landscaped areas (grass and trees) as well as shading solutions (tent structures and pergolas) will reduce the overall level of heat.
Exterior walls will be constructed by using materials that isolate the heat.
Buildings, their windows and doors will be orientated to reduce the transfer of heat into the interior.
Necessary A/C is centralized for efficient supply and energy saving.
The Al Ain Oasis contemplates specially designed points for the segregated collection of household waste materials, thus contributing to recycling.
The landscape design creates a buffer between the compound and the adjacent oasis, preserving its nature and tranquillity.