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Lu'luat Al Raha
The Pearl Of Al Raha Beach

Located at the core of the ambitious Al Raha Beach development on a massive reclaimed island will be Lu’Luat Al Raha, a stunning mixed use project.

Lu’Luat Al Raha will comprise of developments ranging from villas to mid rise buildings and selective high rise towers. It is expected to attract over 6,000 inhabitants, with a daytime population of up to 13,000 including visitors to the island.

Lu’Luat Al Raha will be surrounded by marine vistas of the Al Raha canal, directly opposite the existing Al Raha Beach Hotel. It will be a privileged area of residential, commercial, retail, entertainment, and cultural components catering to the most discerning of residents.

This impressive development has been designed to offer the most pleasant of living experiences. Attention to balance will give residents latitude to live, work, shop, eat and relax on the island.

The site is designed to be pedestrian and bicycle-friendly with a continuous promenade, away from car traffic, that runs all around and inside the whole island and connects the entire site. A picturesque marina will provide moorage for leisure boats, while a beach will provide seaside recreational activities. A string of restaurants and cafes will line the marina. To nurture the social characteristics of the development, a centre will be set aside to host culturally oriented land community building initiatives.

Lu’Luat Al Raha will be strategically situated at the core of the Al Raha Beach development with a public transportation system such as the light rail network (LTR) and water taxis connecting the entire community. The development is just 10 minutes away from Abu Dhabi’s future Capital District and accessible to all the emerging developments in the area. It will be five minutes away from the Abu Dhabi international airport, 10 minutes from Yas Island, 65km from the Dubai border and only 75km from the new Jebel Ali Airport.

  Sustainability Facts
A variety of measures have been developed to discourage the use of automobiles and to allow residents to use transit, walk or bike to destinations on the island or within the surrounding of Al Raha Beach Development. These include bus routes, a light rail system, water taxis, and an extensive network of pedestrian promenades and bike paths that connect the whole Al Raha beach development area. Use of eco-friendly transportation solutions will reduce the use of fossil fuels.
Landscape will be irrigated using treated sewage water to save consumption of potable water.
Water turbidity barriers will prevent waste materials from pouring into the sea thus protecting marine life during construction.
The buildings and units will be orientated in a way that maximizes natural light thereby reducing electricity consumption.
The development will be constructed by using construction materials that are kinder to the environment (ie. green building concept).