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Al Jurf
The Dream Resort

Al Jurf is a dynamic tourism destination that will be built within ICT’s Ghantoot development project close to the Abu Dhabi - Dubai border. The location of Al Jurf Palace Resort is prime in every aspect, from the splendid sea waterfront coast to the greenery of the nature. With sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, the site has a uniquely mild microclimate.

Located on a natural coastline and immaculate stretch of land, Al Jurf is a splendid site for the development of a resort and golf course. The area will include a luxurious resort, complete with 18 hole championship golf amenities and outstanding recreational facilities.

Characterised by Arabian splendour in architecture and design, Al Jurf will be positioned as a high-end destination for marine and golf pursuits, reflecting its unique location of crystal clear waters, pristine sands, and extensive orchard preserves.

The geography of the Al Jurf site contributes to its overall beauty. While the northern side is situated on the Arabian Sea, the beach enjoys a natural extension on the Ghantoot Canal on the eastern side, thereby offering an appreciably long stretch of waterfront. The canal will offer waterfront living and boat dockage, and provide a wide promenade ideal for picturesque walks.

A significant attraction at Al Jurf is a vibrant ecosystem that will charm nature devotees and lovers of fauna and flora. An exceptional array of trees and vegetation surround the resort, creating a peaceful and idyllic sanctuary not far from Sheikh Zayed’s own natural reserves.

The crown jewel will be the Al Jurf Palace Resort, a luxury hotel and fully serviced luxury villas. The resort will spare no luxuries offering a relaxing haven of spas and recreational lounges; an ideal getaway for those in search of the solace and calm, a select destination such as this can offer. Epicureans will delight in the choice of gourmet restaurants of true Arabian cuisine as well as international delicacies.

An 18-hole signature golf course will be built to the highest standards of international competition that will appeal to serious sportsmen and enable it to host major official golf tournaments.

Although Al Jurf will be poised to take its place as an exciting luxury holiday destination, it is likely to attract substantial corporate interest with its state of the art conference facilities and state of the art business centre; an ideal corporate getaway strategically located mid-way between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Al Jurf Palace Resort will serve this burgeoning development community area well. Ideally situated only 5 km from the Dubai border, Al Jurf Palace Resort is a mere 70 km away from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and 15km from the future Jebel Ali International Airport.

The resort’s compliment of attractions for relaxation, recreation and business creates a dynamic environment complemented by its iconic architecture and unique environmental surrounds.

  Sustainability Facts
The landscape and the golf course will be irrigated using treated sewage water to save consumption of potable water.
Golf course retention ponds will serve as primary filters to reduce run-off effects upon the clear waters of the canal and Arabian Sea.
Water turbidity barriers will prevent waste materials from pouring into the sea thus protecting marine life during construction.
The development will be constructed by using construction materials that are kinder to the environment (ie green building concept).
Existing trees will be preserved and especially nurtured during the period of construction to be used for landscaping purposes.
Landscaping will be built upon water-tolerant species to minimize irrigation requirements.
Buildings will be designed to maximize shading and natural ventilation, building upon historical, heritage building styles of Arabia.
Roadways and streetways will be constructed with pervious materials to minimize water run-off and improve surrounding planting stability.
Preservation of the natural environment. The site-specific animal (mammals, birds, reptiles, insects) and vegetable life was surveyed and analyzed to develop a tailor-made preservation plan.
Specially conceived interceptors will remove impurities (eg sand, oil) from waters before entering the canal and so meet the UAE environmental regulations.